What materials would be best if you sleep as a couple and do not want to notice the movement of the other?

Sleeping embraced by your partner usually involves two things: a beautiful intention and an uncomfortable position. And sometimes we want to get rid of pieces to embrace and embrace us while sleeping, but we simply end up with a sleeping arm or a sore neck.

The best option is a mattress with spring core if they are bagged even better, viscoelastic or latex, these materials allow both sleepers to sleep without noticing the movement of the other. But choosing one or the other depends, among other factors, on the weight, the taste, and the needs of each sleeper.

Each of these materials gives the mattress qualities that make it different. We will say that although the three previous elements isolate the movement, you should bear in mind that one of them will be more indicated for your case or rather your rest as a couple.

In the end, we almost always end up putting the same example. If any of the members of the couple is hot, the best option is the spring mattress for couples or pocket springs, you will not notice the movements of the other and thanks to its high transpiration capacity you will sleep without stress. The springs bagged to be in bags, hence the name, isolate much more movement and are a highly recommended option for sleeping mattresses as a couple.

Or for example, if you prefer a silent mattress that welcomes you as if it embraces you. The recommendation would be those of viscoelastic or latex, they are the softest and the back will rest in perfect conditions since they do not exert pressure on the body.

The independence of milk

If you are looking for total bed independence, our advice is that you choose a bed base or base divided into two, allowing two independent mattresses, you will sleep in the same bed but with a different mattress. Everyone can choose their preferences.

You can find all these mattresses and in your product file, you will see clearly the degree of independence of the bed they offer.