Practical reasons to choose mixed mattresses

Selected for maximum comfort to rest mixed mattresses are imposed in the world of comfort, recovering excellence for a good awakening.

Modernity at rest with mixed mattresses

The new technologies applied in mattresses find the ideal answer, so sought after by combining in this class of mattresses in particular springs and high-quality viscoelastic foam. Everything that a good rest need is in this model with carcasses, formed by springs but that adapt with the damping that the visco offers, for a better cushioning.

Mixed mattresses totally adaptable to the body to provide great firmness, ergonomics, and maximum comfort. They are padded with natural fibers to offer firmness at the time of rest, becoming the most durable. It’s stretch fabric has a high grammage that allows you to better manage the durability. In its central core, they have a total firmness to improve comfort.

This type of combination is ideal in humid areas or people with a greater sensation of heat because it provides an excellent breathability thanks to the springs that are elastic and the viscoelastic material that forms these mattresses. A total rest deserves to rest in the best ergonomic conditions for night movements, offering full comfort to sleep and wake up without discomfort.

Flexibility and body adaptation

Mixed mattresses are especially demanded in beach areas, by the air chamber they create in the central zone, favoring breathability. They have thermo-regulating fabric in their quilted layers, as well as thermal insulation in many models. This insulation allows the mattress to be oxygenated and transpiration to be reduced because it contains supersoft plates with more open pores. The aeration system is fundamental to offer greater flexibility and total adaptation to the core volume.

In the current market, there are several models with similar characteristics, they vary in the fabric that can offer more or less treatment. Some can be found with a double layer of Visco and felt thermo-fused with greater firmness, which is an insulation layer located above the springs or springs. These elements are important in mixed mattresses to form equal layers on both sides of the structure. Do you even want to buy a mattress? You can search on the internet for mattress sale near me.