How to clean the mattress

There are also types or degrees of cleaning that can help keep the mattress clean longer.

Daily cleaning or maintenance

The daily cleaning or maintenance consists of ventilating the room every day, shaking the sheets well before making the bed and changing the sheets every week. When changing the sheets, the surface of the mattress should be vacuumed to help prevent dust from accumulating, making it easier to clean the mattress and avoiding the accumulation of mites. If before you vacuum, sprinkle baking soda and scrub it well, you will get a more effective cleaning.

Deep cleaning

This type of mattress cleaning should be done once every 6 months, taking advantage of the rotation of the mattress. For deep cleaning of the mattress, the main thing is to vacuum the mattress, as in maintenance cleaning. Next, foam is made by mixing a tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent in 1 liter of very cold water. Mix everything well to get foam and rubbed with it, using a sponge, the mattress making movements in a circle. Spend a little more time rubbing in areas where there are spots. Once this process is finished, let the mattress air dry or help with a hairdryer.

Eliminate Odors

The smells are the most annoying at the time of sleep. In addition to that responsible for bad odors are usually bacteria and germs. For the elimination of odors, it is best to sprinkle a little baking soda every week, sprinkle the surface of the mattress and vacuum. This helps to clean the mattress and eliminate odors. If the odors are very deep and persistent: sprinkle the baking soak it and leave it on all night. The next morning, vacuum and spray with a little disinfectant and that’s it!

With this, you can keep the mattress in good condition for longer. Even so, the wear and tear of use and cleaning will end up making a dent in the mattress. That between 7-10 years must be changed since sleeping on an old mattress can cause problems.

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