History of the mattress

History of the mattress

Since ancient times people have realized that it is more comfortable to sleep on wool, leather, leaves, straw or any material that softens the ground. Over the years the techniques have been improving until our ancestors began to fill covers of organic materials such as straw, wool, and feathers. But the use of organic materials brought many problems and became nests for insects, parasites, mice, etc. so they had to be ventilated and renewed periodically. The first popular “mattresses” were the wool stuffed covers. There was the figure of the mattress that traveled through the villages to aerate, repair and fill wool mattresses.

At the beginning of the seventeenth century, the first spring mattress was launched in the United Kingdom, it was a mattress with the springs turned upside down (horizontal) and overlapping towards the front and the sides instead of being compressed. In the mid-1850s, conical spring mattresses with the function of compressing vertically began to be manufactured.

What is a mattress? – The modern mattress

We no longer sleep in straw or wool; we have highly developed mattresses at our disposal. Modern mattresses are divided mainly into 3 groups:

  • Spring mattresses – from Bonell spring mattresses, Norma block springs, Multi-elastic springs, pocket springs to complex combinations of springs with HR, Viscoelastic and Latex foams.
  • Viscoelastic mattresses– the base material for this type of mattress is the viscoelastic material, a highly adaptable and comfortable material. There is a wide variety of foams from the viscoelastic group with different trade names.
  • Latex Mattresses – There are variants in natural latex and synthetic latex. Synthetic is a foaming plank similar to natural latex.

Elements of a mattress

Regardless of the manufacturer, a mattress is composed of some basic elements, present in all mattresses.

  • Laterals (with or without handles)
  • Upholstery, in general, a Stretch upholstery
  • Base, the base material of the mattress, can be springs, viscoelastic, latex or foaming
  • Padded

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